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The Pat McAfee Show 11-14 Colts General Manager Chris Ballard

On today’s show, Indianapolis Colts General Manager Chris Ballard sits down with Pat for a conversation about what it’s like being a GM in the NFL, how he’s dealing with the current situation the Colts are facing, and what it was like hearing Pat retired on his first day on the job (18:26).  Pat is also joined by the 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun Latham, to chat about his 39th birthday and what’s on the menu for this week’s episode of 20 Dollar Chef. Later, Tactical Digs joins Pat and Shaun to give his 45 second recap of the NFL, and reminisces about how much better Facebook was when it first started. After the show, Pat sits down with actress, gamer, Youtube Red star and co-host of the egaming show ‘Good Game,’ Michele Morrow, to discuss the culture of gaming, the underworld black market of video games, and Robert Kraft and A-Rod’s Egaming teams in a bonus interview. It’s a good one. Come laugh with us. Cheers.