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Laces Out Podcast: NFL Week 10 Recap

On this week’s show, McAfee, Hawk and I take a deep dive into the NFL’s Week 10 including, but not limited to, New Orleans running Buffalo out of the building, Adrian Clayborn’s day, how legit the Rams are and the Jags winning despite their own dumbassery. But not before we talk about the offensive line that jumped out of the hog trailer, Pat explains the finer points of punting and the time Adam Vinatieri sent him to a private school for holders, AJ’s respect for the Packers’ doctor Martellus Bennett called a liar, Eli Manning’s worst pass attempt ever, AJ’s story about Brady Quinn’s dad letting kids try beer, my own daily alcohol consumption, bad blood between Andrew Luck and the Colts, the genius of Josh McDaniels, Pat’s corporate speaking event, me being honored at a Marine Corps birthday event of all damned things (support the Semper Fi Fund), and much, much more.

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