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Here's Episode 52 Of Spittin' Chiclets Featuring Nick Bonino And Barstool Chief

                                                                 Obligatory video


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We got a double-bubble for Spittin’ Chiclets listeners this week. First, Chief joins us to rightfully gloat about his/Barstool’s huge Winter Classic 2019 scoop, talk some Blackhawks, and find out why RA might want a piece of him in the future. Then Nicky Bones joins us for an outstanding chat. He discusses what it’s like to be courted as an UFA, why teammates love Phil Kessel, the Halloween prank he and his wife pulled on his teammates, his decision to play two periods ON A BROKEN LEG (because it’s the Cup), and a shitload more. RA and Whits also talk about the Matt Duchene trade and an atrociously filthy hit on former Bruin Dan Paille in Europe. We have good shit for you this week. Tune in.





Great scene if you missed it last night. Brian Boyle gets his first goal after returning from his cancer diagnosis and treatment.