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#Mickstape: Are The Thunder,,, Bad? Featuring Frank Kaminsky

LiAngelo Ball stole some Louis V sunglasses in China and he may never see the light of day ever again because of it. Meanwhile stateside, Lonzo Ball can’t buy a shot. Small Baller moves from BBB left and right. Tyler finally gets his wish to see Eric Bledsoe on the Bucks, meanwhile his Wizards might just stink. The Thunder? They also might just stink. Ben Simmons? Much to Michael Wilbon’s dismay, Ben Simmons very much does NOT stink. In fact, he’s historically incredible. That and much more, including Tyler fixing cereal once and for all before former NCAA National Player of the Year and current Charlotte Hornet Frank Kaminsky sits down with us (1:27) to roast Dan Dakich, talk the new Call of Duty, and reminisce on the time Wisconsin got Tyler’s Wildcats up outta here.

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