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Laces Out Podcast: NFL Week 9 Recap

On this week’s Laces Out, Pat McAfee, AJ Hawk and I talk about Week 9 in the NFL including all the Fight Clubs, Doug Marrone and Adam Gase and whether teams benefit from benching guys who show up late for work, Jameis Winston’s Inspirational Speech for the Ages, how screwed the Texans are without Deshaun Watson, the Brocketship’s failure to launch in Denver, the Jimmy Garoppolo trade, the Factory of Sadness in Cleveland, Gisele’s beach body and how the best team in football keeps getting better. We also make an attempt to give the show more structure by adding A, B, and C blocks. It does not go well. Instead we talk about trying to beat NFL drug tests and consider starting a Cornhole tournament to raise money for McAfee Hemorrhoid Awareness. Enjoy.

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