Basic Fall Activities Are Awesome And If You Disagree I Hate You

Kevin, as you know, is very anti doing things. Hates it down to his core. Today we get into it about fall activities, which I love, and there may or may not be punches thrown. I just think you’re an absolute fool if you don’t love a good stroll through an apple orchard in the crisp air. You’re a nincompoop if you don’t want a pumpkin patch Instagram then go home and carve that bitch up while drinking some red wine and watching a horror movie. Kevin even hates crabapple fights! I know, I was appalled too.

We’ve also got your best voicemails including a girl who just hangs her mouth open to kiss so her boyfriend spits in it to try and get her to close it, a guy who’s been dating a girl for 6 months but gave her a fake name night one and has been rolling with it, can you keep going to a racist barber, and would you rather cure cancer or find out aliens are real or find out ghosts are real?

STACKED episode.

As always, I’m a romantic. Remember that. You should be one too.