Best of Barstool Radio Week 43 - You Can't Sink This Pirate Ship

On Week 43 of Barstool Radio, the Barstool Pirate Ship continues to sail, despite the best efforts of people like Adam C Best, Sam Ponder, and American Express trying to sink it. It was a great week for Nate. He started out by trolling Shaun King into oblivion, but that was far from his best work. He also zipped Adam C Best into a bodybag, tied a cinderblock to it, and threw it over the side of the pirate ship and watched it sink to the bottom of the ocean. We had prestigious guests such as Mr. Michael Portnoy Esquire and LPGA golfer Paige Spiranac call in to help us defend ourselves from the cannonballs that are trying to sink our ship. Dave goes to war with American Express because they can’t stop fraud on his card while also letting him keep his points, and Jared Carrabis reveals he has turned seven women into lesbians. SEVEN. All this and more on Barstool Radio.