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#Mickstape: Volume 32 featuring Justise Winslow and Michael Rapaport

Miami Heat guard/forward/emergency center Justise Winslow joins us (0:00-21:25) to become incredibly sad incredibly quickly after we bring up delicious cereals his diet no longer allows him to indulge in. We attempt to transition to music which only brings more rain clouds and despair over his Miami abode. Again, we apologize to Justise Winslow for ruining his day. Was it funny? Yes. Was it intentional? No, but moving forward we may have to employ this tactic routinely. Then Michael Rapaport (21:55-the rest of the show) joins us to yell loudly about Bill Russell, the Knicks being bad and not good, celebrities who are trash at basketball, Rihanna, modern rap, and the plans for the second season of the Big 3.

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