From The Top Rope w/ NWA Vice President Dave Lagana Is LIVE!

Carrabis and I had a huge week of wrestling between The Shield officially being back and Jared’s favorite Demon, Kane, returning to in ring action. We preview TLC, discuss the Pumpkin King Finn Bálor vs Sister Abigail, the life Enzo has sprung into the Cruiserweight Division.

Dave Lagana, former writer for WWE, ROH, TNA, and Friends, now the Vice President of the National Wrestling Alliance/partner of Billy Corgan joins me later in the show to discuss his plans to bring a business stuck in 1998 to 2017, and the overall “20 year plan” of the NWA. I know he’s not a massive name you’ve watched on TV for years, but trust me, it’s a fascinating interview. If you’re a fan of pro wrestling, you should hear it. Cream of the Crop is best TLC Match.