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It's Time For Change. It's Time For Alex Cora. -- Section 10 Podcast Ep. 133

On Episode 133 of the Section 10 Podcast, we open up with what we should do for Feits’ part of the intro, which leads us to the story about when his family abandoned him at the hospital as a small child on Christmas. Once we get that out of the way, we lay into Dave Dombrowski for being a secretive little schoolgirl with the John Farrell announcement, how the Barstool blog that went out an hour after Farrell was fired mentioned only Alex Cora, Ron Gardenhire and Brad Ausmus as candidates and those ended up being the top three candidates for the position, yet Dombrowski calls Barstool’s credibility into question? No, no, no, Dave.

We then make our case for why we think Alex Cora is the right man for the job. After that, we rip a column that suggests that David Price was a toxic influence on the clubhouse, and offer a theory as to why pieces like these even get written in the first place.

Down in the DM: Who do you want as next Red Sox manager?

And we finish the show off with everybody’s favorite segment — Fuckin’ With Hubbs, talking about how easy it is to trigger Yankee fans on Twitter, how unoriginal all of their comebacks are, how awful Aaron Judge has been in the postseason, and how we think the ALCS is going to go from here.


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