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Laces Out Podcast: NFL Week 6 Recap

This week’s episode begins with the sad realization that we’ll have to live without Aaron Rodgers for this season and what it means for the NFC. Then, once McAfee is done shamelessly begging AJ to get ARod onto his podcast, we dive into the rest of Week 6 in the NFL. Including the Austin Seferian-Jenkins call in the Patriots-Jets game, how the Steelers could beat the Chiefs after last week, Pat’s hemorrhoids, Atlanta blowing a huge lead to Miami, the cocaine-fueled romance between Chris Foerster and Kijuana Nije, and the NFL player who Twitter-threatened to put a beam on Pat over coin flip strategy. We also play “Current Giants Wide Receiver or Boy Band Member?”, rank Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot and Satan in terms of believability, and discuss Adrian Peterson’s huge comeback game. So I think we’ve pretty much got everything. Enjoy.

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