The Only Reason Mike Ehrmantraut Was In Breaking Bad Was Because Bob Odenkirk Was Filming An Episode Of How I Met Your Mother

Awesome tidbit from the GOAT Alan Sepinwall today on his KFC Radio appearance. In the original script, Saul was supposed to go into Jesse’s crack den and pull him out of there and get him to clean up his act. He was unavailable because he was filming a guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother and so Jonathan Banks got the nod for what was supposed to be a one time bit spot as a Gus Fring henchman. But he killed it so much, the rest was history. One of the greatest characters in TV history was born. Thank GOD for How I Met Your Mother. I’m pretty indifferent on that show but now its one of my all time favorites. Without that dude running through broads trying to find his wife, we wouldnt have Mike.

Sepinwall just dropped his new book – Breaking Bad 101. Its the official Critical Companion of the Walter White saga.


The dude knows more about Breaking Bad than Vince Gilligan himself. So if you’re a BB fan, this is the book for you.

We also talked about The Wire, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, and more. Big time episode for all the TV junkies out there. Plug in juice up.