Best Of Barstool Radio Week 41 Featuring Vince Wilfork

For Week 41 of Barstool Radio, you start off with a little Angry Dave, mix in a little playoff baseball, sprinkle some AIM sound effects on top, and feed it to Vince Wilfork. The beginning of the week starts off with Dave complaining about everything from not being able to watch the Patriots on NFL Red Zone, to Coley missing Monday’s show, to somebody using his credit card to buy Ubers, to Za pissing too much, to not having any clean underwear. On Wednesday he takes it all out on Ding-Dong Brains Jared Carrabis, who is the worst baseball analyst Dave has ever seen (watch Starting 9 every Sunday-Thursday.) Thursday belonged to Vince Wilfork, who was able to turn KFC from a hater into a friend in about 30 seconds. He joined us to talk about being the pound for pound best athlete of all-time. And he also came through with a delivery of beer and booze. On Friday, Big Cat, Kevin, Jared and Coley mourned the death of AIM, and reminisced about the late 1990’s-early 2000’s internet. All this and more on Barstool Radio.