WWE's Hell In A Cell Featured Shane McMahon Being A Lunatic, A Fantastic Tag Team Match, And My Favorite Wrestling Moment Of The Year

Going into last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay per view, I think we all as wrestling fans knew it was a two match show. We’d be getting a phenomenal matchup in The New Day vs The Usos, and we’d be getting a ridiculous spectacle in Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon. For me, everything else was filler, but before the pay per view I thought maybe just maaaaaybe since I’ve set such a low bar for everything else, those “filler matches” will impress. They for sure didn’t, but the two matches we were all excited for in the first place overdelivered to such a level that everything was worth it in the end.

Sami Zayn saving Kevin Owens from Shane’s leap off the cell was, as you can tell from my reaction, was my favorite wrestling moment of the year.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.50.22 PM

Steenerico lives. One of my favorite tag teams of ALL TIME. Finally united on the big stage that is World Wrestling Entertainment. God dammit, when the graps is good, there’s nothing better. I love ‘em.

The Usos vs The New Day was also fucking awesome and there’s gifs to prove it…