Fore Play Podcast: Tour Championship Week Featuring Toby Keith

TOBY KEITH! What a guest. What a ginormous guest. At no point in my Barstool Sports career did I ever envision myself interviewing Toby Keith. I’m not a country music guy but I’m well aware that Toby Keith is a GIANT star. And he joined us on our little golf podcast. Pretty cool. And he was cool. We caught him in the middle of doing 4,000 interviews for his new album and he was still the coolest guy. We talked to him about being a shitty golfer, how much he drinks when he plays golf, what it’s like being a mega star, etc etc. Good chat. Riggs and I then went on to talk about our trip to Louisville, the FedEx Cup, Rory’s first 10 years of being a pro and a lot more. Download, rate and subscribe on iTunes.