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From The Top Rope w/ Chris Jericho Is LIVE!

What a week for your boy Octagon Bob as far as interviewing his idols goes. Mighty Mouse, Brendan Schaub, (that bitch) Floyd Mayweather Sr, and now the Ayatolla of Rock N Rolla, Chris Jericho! Y2J joined us on Barstool Radio for a half hour and we talk about wearing shorts on a plane, being a rockstar, a certain McMahon being stiff in the ring, and Game of Thrones. It was a blast and we plugged that interview into this here wrasslin’ podcast. Before we get into that, Carrabis and I talked beach balls with resident horseplay nazi All Biz Pete, Asuka relinquishing her NXT Divas Championship, and Mauro Ranallo calling the biggest fight of combat sports history. We then recapped RAW and Smackdown, and closed it out with a Best Video Package Cream of the Crop.