Best Of Barstool Radio Week 35 From Las Vegas Featuring Ice Cube, Brendan Schaub and Floyd Mayweather Sr. Vs Octagon Bob

Week 35 of Barstool Radio is so bright, that we gotta wear shades. Literally. We start out Monday talking about the solar eclipse which became a cultural phenomenon for the day. On Tuesday we recap filming the Rundown during the eclipse, and the irony of seeing the actor who played Moonlight Graham in Field of Dreams. Before the boys took off for Sin City, we were able to fit in some Tiger Woods dick talk. We can’t go a week without dick talk. It’s our brand now. For the second half of the week, Dave, Robbie Fox and the Young and Happy boys hold the show down from Radio Row. Brendan Schaub takes Dave’s side when it comes to bringing a smokeshow with him to the fight over Robbie Fox. On Friday, Big Cat and PFTCommenter from Pardon My Take host the show with Michael Rapaport, who is able to bring us Ice Cube, but not Stephen A. Smith. Robbie Fox instigates a fight with Floyd Mayweather Sr., and is lucky he walked away with his life. All this and more on Barstool Radio, live from Radio Row in Las Vegas.