Chinese Masturbation And The Troop Surge


While Xi Jinping may want to build a stronger, more advanced military force to “safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests,” there are some concerns that China’s incoming crops of recruit won’t be up to the task — being too busy playing on their phone, eating and masturbating to solider properly
According to an article posted on the WeChat account of the People’s Liberation Army Daily, 56.9% of armed services candidates at one unnamed town were rejected for failing to meet physical fitness standards.
One-fifth of these candidates were rejected for being too fat, others because excessive smartphone use had damaged their eyesight or because they had consumed too much snack foods or soda pop, resulting in poor liver and gallbladder function.
Meanwhile, 8% were rejected because of “abnormal enlargement of small testicular veins,” caused by too much masturbation.

We talk a little Chinese Masturbation on the show today. You know, I dont think that masturbating is bad for service members. Like anything, it can be done in moderation. I’m just extremely glad America’s military doesn’t check our nut vein size before allowing us entry into the armed forces. If they did, your boy’s path to barstool might have been extremely different.

We also have Dan Lamothe from the Washington Post on the show today. Dan has been covering all matters military for a while and has ground experience in Afghanistan as well.

We take some time to go over the rules of engagement under past administrations and what we can expect from the new commander in the White House.