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Game Of Thrones Family Bonding, The Top 5 Public Restrooms, Teaching Kids To Pee In The Pool, And More – The Podfathers

This week KFC had to step out to interview the very good looking Jaime Lannister. However, Uncle Chaps continued to wear the crown of the most handsome bitcc to grace Barstool’s airwaves, as him and I tackled a bunch of mailbag questions. Since Chaps has gone on the record for being an expert in going to the bathroom, I made sure to throw a few meatballs into his wheelhouse by bringing up questions like “How do you teach your kids to pee in the pool?” and “How do you handle it if your kid is sitting down naked in a Port-A-Potty?”. By the end of it, we had pretty much morphed into the Potty Boyz and Chaps broke down his top 5 places to go to the bathroom in public.

We also discussed why watching Thrones with your family is one of the rare bonding moments left in 2017, how playing in a fantasy football with your wife, friends, and their significant others is actually good, and advice on how to deal with a bully that involves a toy, some hand sanitizer, and a rooty tooty candy ass.

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