From The Top Rope w/ The Bella Twins Is LIVE!

Alright folks, we’ve got a stacked show for you this week. I can honestly say it was the best show top-to-bottom that we’ve ever done, and we just had a blast with it the whole time. We talk about New Japan’s G1 Climax, the legacy that the Okada/Omega trilogy will leave, Ric Flair’s health, a Shield reunion, the Cruiserweight Championship change, The DEMON KING vs THE EATOR OF WORLDS, Baron Corbin’s failed Money in the Bank cash in, and give a full SummerSlam preview.

The Bella Twins join us later in the show to talk about Total Bellas, Total Divas, their thoughts on Women’s Tag Team Championships, their return to the ring, DANIEL BRYAN’S RETURN TO THE RING, and I get my opportunity to tell Nikki Bella that I named her ‘Nikkisawa’ forearm. It was so much fun. Please rate and review on iTunes, and say hey if you see us at SummerSlam!

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