Barstool DVR: Ozark, Game Of Thrones, Best Character Addition To Any Show Ever, And Dunkirk

Paternity Leave is over, KFC Radio is back. We took voicemails about how to split rent with your girl, we talked to a minor league baseball player about how to juggle girls in different cities, are you allowed to hook up with your friend’s exes, and a new phenomenon called The Forbidden List that may change hooking up forever. But before we took calls we did another edition Barstool DVR highlighted by Netflix’s latest hit, Ozark.

Netflix puts out SO MANY original series now its tough to keep up. It used to be like the HBO original series – just a few of them per year to the point that they were all “Must Watch” or at least “Must Try.” Now theres so many its too much. You gotta pick and choose. Ozark jumped out from the beginning because of my guy Bateman. I’m a huge huge Batemen guy. From the Hogan Family to obviously Arrested to lesser known work like The Gift, I think hes one of my favorite actors ever. Couple that with the Breaking Bad comparisons and I was it.

I was not disappointed. I give Ozark the Barstool DVR seal of approval. Feits does not. To me, theres nothing not to like. Its at times a little unbelievable. And I understand the notion of a white collar anti-hero getting caught up in the drug world is not exactly the most original idea. But its a junior varsity version of Breaking Bad, and to me thats a good thing. Its not as good as Breaking Bad but its similar and its well done. A “light” version of Breaking Bad is still gonna be better than a lot of TV you watch right now. From the introduction of multiple villains to the creatives heists (strip club) and deaths (electrocution) to Marty outwitting the competition time and time again to escape death, its reminiscent of one of my favorite shows ever without being too much of a copy cat.

We also recap the first few episodes of the latest season of Game of Thrones. Which have been FIRE. I’m fully Team Cersei and now that she’s openly sucking her brother’s dick she cant be stopped. Its like she had one giant monkey on her back and now that she’s shed that, she’s about to fuck everyone up – dragons included.

We also debate who the greatest character addition after the first season of any TV show is. There’s been a lot of characters added after the fact that bolstered a series, but the correct answer here is Frank Reynolds. Nothing else even comes close.

A little bit of everything for you, KFC Radio is back from vacation. Lets gooooo.