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Welcome Back KFC 1.0 – The Podfathers

Since today was the glorious return of KFC 1.0 to Barstool HQ and Daddy Boy Chaps was in the office, we decided to tape a Podfathers this morning to get a rapid reaction to Kevin being a father of 2.

As I said on the podcast multiple times, I thought I was losing a friend in KFC when he had another kid. Either he would be a sad mess or too tired to actually speak an entire sentence. However it turns out Your Boy KFC is the happiest person in the world when he can leave his ever-growing family for a few hours. When he arrived off the elevator, he had a grin from ear to fucking ear. I imagine this is what KFC would look like if any of his teams could actually win a championship. Instead of having the Sunday Scaries last night, Kevin had the Sunday Soothings. Dude was stoked to be showing up at the funhouse known as Barstool HQ with a boss that has started a rivalry with his weeks old son just because it meant a brief escape from the chaos going on in the Clancy household.

KFC 1.0 broke down his entire trip to the hospital for KFC 2.0’s birth, how his life morphed into The Oregon Trail once Shea got sick, and the chaotic force that is Paternity Leave Kevin checked in on the Mayday Line (347-746-8637).

We also talked about Uncle Chaps’ Alive Day, how Stoolies can help out veterans using the infamous Chaps venmo account, and The Mooch’s interesting parenting strategy.