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Fore Play Podcast: Open Championship Week With Brandel Chamblee

What an episode. Maybe our best one yet. It helped that we had Brandel Chamblee. Now I know a lot people have a lot of feelings about Chamblee and not many of them are positive. People think he’s a know-it-all nerd with strong opinions. Well that’s all true but he’s also happen to be an AWESOME guy. That’s no bullshit either. He came into the office and almost instantly became one of our favorite people. I mean he let me tell him to fuck off. He gets the Barstool thing and he thinks it’s awesome. So that made for a fun and interesting interview, our longest interview ever actually. We did an hour with him and talked about a wide array of things. We’ve already gotten a lot of responses being like, “I used to hate Brandel Chamblee and now I love him. Damn you guys.” Listen for yourself and decide. Download, rate, subscribe on iTunes.