Billions Star Dan Soder On KFC Radio

Billions fans know him as Mafee. Fans of comedy will recognize him from the new Netflix special “The Stand Ups.” Barstool fans will now always know him as the guy who compared chicks being horny to being a school shooter:

Just a dead honest, accurate, and hilarious analogy about the way the 2 sexes fuck. We also talked about Dan’s refusal to masturbate at his grandma’s house, being a 34 year old man with a roommate, if theres anyone in the world who’s Team Chuck on Billions, doing stand up comedy 6 nights a week in NYC, getting electrocuted, and hot chicks doing mental jujitsu on your brain. One of the best guests we’ve had in a long time, plus a short Barstool DVR segment and your regularly scheduled voicemails.