The Uncle Chaps Heart Attack Episode — The Podfathers

This week’s episode of The Podfathers took quite an interesting turn. We had Your Boy KFC in studio, Chapsy Poo on Skype, and myself playing the role of Phone Clem. Usually we will take a temperature of how the three of us are doing before recording since there is always some weird parent shit going on. Well when I got on the line, our pal Chaps was complaining of moderate discomfort in his chest and said he thought he may be having a heart attack. I thought he was just kidding when he said that because Chaps is a former Marine whose body hasn’t morphed into a blogger bod yet.

Then a few hours after we finished recording, Chaps tweeted out this picture.


All-time Jimbo from your buddy Clem, who should know more than anybody else at Barstool that heart attacks are no laughing matter. Luckily for us Chaps is fine and his Venmo remains open (as of the time this blog was published).

Anyway, Jordan’s flu game ain’t got shit on Chaps’ heart attack episode. Our favorite Purple Heart medalist and former dog whisperer delved into how you should handle introducing your dog to a new baby, marrying a buddy in the armed forces in order to get P-A-I-D, and how to trick your kids while they are young and dumb (like taking them to a pet store when they want to go to the zoo).

We also unveiled the phone number for the Mayday Line. Basically if you are having a parental meltdown and need to let loose, call (347) 746-8637. The Podfathers are here to help you through this fucked up thing called parenthood while also letting others know they are not alone during this nightmare.