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Billy Hurley III, Amanda Balionis and Robbie Fox On Zero Blog Thirty


I had some shit going on yesterday when we were supposed to record the majority of our episode but we at ZBT improvised, adapted and overcame adversity to give you your weekly dose of the podcast on time. Cons brings on Robbie Fox aka Octagon Bob for a round of “I Wanna Be Like You” and talking MMA and the UFC’s connection to the military, and then Conner interviews PGA golfer, Naval Academy grad and former naval officer Billy Hurley III. I have a little chat with another figure in the golf world, Amanda Balionis, about her work with service dogs and K9s For Warriors Download, rate 5*, and smash subscribe bitcc.

Huge shoutout to Connor for taking the lead this week. You can follow him on twitter here. Connor is an invaluable part of ZBT and proved it this week. Thanks to Chuck and Reed as well.