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Brendan Schaub on KFC Radio


The only time Big Brown used his powers for evil:

Actually, the second time he used his powers for evil to shut down a heckler:

The pressure MMA fighters feel from fans:

Bob Fox wants cauliflower ear:

Kobe Bryant giving advice to MMA guys:

One of the most interesting guys I’ve ever gotten the chance to speak to. Big Brown aka Brendan Schaub live in studio late last week. Rising Superstar Robbie Fox jumped in on the interview to handle all the MMA talk. He broke down Schaub’s $100,000 bet that McGregor will win at least a round vs Mayweather. They talked about his career as a fighter and the UFC in general. But to me Brendan Schaub is most interesting for the transition he’s made into the world of podcasting and comedy. The guy is the poster child for reinventing yourself and creating a whole second career. One minute the guy is a modern day gladiator, the next minute he’s selling out theaters for stand up comedy on the other side of the planet in Australia. Crazy impressive. Accomplishing one of those is remarkable. Doing both is just mind blowing.

Its the type of interview that will remind you that never know where life is gonna take you and that its never too late to just say “Fuck it” and try to start over.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.38.29 AM

Just kidding. Brendan Schaub is 6’4, 240, a good looking dude, and he’s funny/charismatic/talented. Only people like that can just jump from career to career and succeed at it all. You’ll probably just have to play the hand that life dealt you and figure it out. But thats why the Schaub interview is so interesting because its one of the few guys that can pull off a transition like that. Give it a listen.