Brendan Schaub Is Willing To Bet $100K That Conor McGregor Will Win AT LEAST One Round Against Floyd Mayweather

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Last week I saw that Brendan Schaub, one of my favorite podcast personalities, would be in town for Bellator, so I reached out to KFC. Basically said “Hey man, I know this is a lot to ask, but I know you’ve spoken with Big Brown about coming on KFC Radio before, and I was wondering if you could reach out this week. I’ve got a burning question for him and I think it’d be a good video.” He said “Sure Bob, that’s a good idea. I’ll have him on KFC Radio and then you can do a quick vid with him. What’s the question?”

My question was a simple “Why?!”

Ironic for Mr. Why Not? himself, I know, but I’d just recently read that Brendan Schaub offered a $100,000 bet to Max Kellerman, who said Conor McGregor wouldn’t land a single punch against Floyd Mayweather, that McGregor not only hit Floyd, but he’d win a round. Now I’ve been watching the UFC for about 9 years now, and I saw the tail end of Mayweather’s career, but that just seems ridiculously unrealistic to me. Even as the biggest Conor nuthugger on the block. I LOVE Brendan Schaub’s analysis podcast, Big Brown Breakdown, though, and respect his perspective tremendously, so I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and hear what made him think this. The night before he came in, Kev decided forget the video, why not just cohost KFC Radio and ask him on there?

Imagine that. You’ve grown up a stoolie, literally since you were twelve, and six years later, KFC just casually asks you to host KFC (motherfucking) Radio. You think I’d turn that down? I think you’d be surprised.

The interview with Schaub lasted about 40 minutes, and it was an absolute blast. He was just as cool and down to earth as you’d hope. I think you’ll all be very interested to hear him break down the boxing superfight of the century, as well hearing about his transition from fighting the deadliest men on the planet in a cage to telling dick and fart jokes on stage around the globe. Enjoy!

Oh, and real quick, head over to and see if Brendan is coming to your city with his show. I went on Thursday and I gotta tell ya, you don’t have to be an MMA fan to laugh your head off. He had the sold out Gotham Comedy Club HOWLING. Get tickets fast, too, because he’s never had a show that WASN’T sold out. Not bad for a retired MMA fighter, eh?

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