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The Podfathers Featuring The Podmother Lynette Carolla

Almost a year ago, your boy KFC went to LaLaLand for some Chernin business and was lucky enough to record an episode of The Adam Carolla Show. While KFC was out there, he spoke with Adam’s wife Lynette (who has her own podcast about parenting) about how we were putting together a show about parenting from the dad’s perspective and she said she wanted to be the first mom on the show.

Well fast forward almost 12 months later and it finally happened. And you know what? We could have used Lynette in our lives muchhhhh earlier. She LOVES The Podfathers. Says we aren’t complete fuck ups as fathers and says we are #actuallygood dads. She was heaping so much praise upon Kevin and myself that we briefly wondered if she should replace Chaps as the third member of the podcast. Chaps will always be our good bitcc, but Lynette had us feeling good during this podcast. Granted, she clearly has a thing for guys that love hearing themselves speak. But for that hour or so, KFC and I felt like we were actually decent fathers for once. Add in that Lynette has a podcast about a true crime podcast and even Super Producer BC had hearts in his eyes. Even Chaps would have gone gaga for Lynette’s drink company. But at the end of the day, Lynette was a great guest that we hope to have back on soon for some more mom’s perspectives and NOBODY can replace our Fancy Boy from Texas.

Love you Chapsy!