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Asking For A Different Kind Of Shot When Someone Orders A Round Is An Insane Person Move

I try to keep my cool most days but this was an OUTRAGEOUS question yesterday on KFC Radio. What was that question? Well, I’m glad you asked. “If someone orders a round of shots, let’s say Jameson, are you allowed to get your own liquor, like tequila?”

As loudly and as clearly as I can say this, absolutely not. Absolutely fucking not.

A shot is a group event, it’s an act of misery that you all enjoy together. Kind of like pledging a fraternity, you endure a hardship in order to galvanize your group and ensure that you have the most fun possible that night. In no way is it acceptable to deviate from the pact and have your own, more enjoyable shot. If you don’t want that liquor then say no, but absolutely do not say you’d prefer to opt out of the whiskey and have yourself a delightful little lemon drop shot. Fuck you, man, that’s not how this works. We’re gonna shoot something that burns our throats and makes us kinda want to puke then in 45 seconds we’re gonna feel like world beaters. That’s the name of the game.