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Gunnar Esiason Joins The Podfathers

So as you all know, Boomer Esiason joined us on The Podfathers to kick off May which is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. His son Gunnar was diagnosed with the disease when he was a young child and was told it would be a battle for him to make it anywhere near adulthood.

Well fast forward to today and Gunnar is still alive and crushing life. He is 26 years old, a graduate of BC and the face of the Boomer Esiason Foundation in its battle against cystic fibrosis. Gunnar is also a huge voice in the fight against CF as he hosts the Own It podcast while also blogging for the cause on GunnarEsiason.com. And last September he launcehd the Gunnar Esiason Own it Scholarship. So having him join the podcast was the perfect way to close out Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

I know we have a lot of fun here on Barstool but hearing about what Gunnar has to deal with on a daily basis just to remain alive and healthy is wild. Like I said on the podcast, KFC and I are house cats when it comes to life. As soft (literally and figuartively) as they come. But hearing Gunnar’s stories about taking 60(!!!) pills a day and occasionally having IVs hidden in his arms as he goes through every day life is phenomenal. And it’s not like he can’t party either. The story Gunnar told in the podcast about hooking up his feeding tube to a beer funnel in college is the stuff legends are made of. You may not know someone with CF, but just hearing the struggle that a kid and parents go through when battling against a disease is some legitimately inspiring shit. When you are about to become a parent, you go from hoping it is a boy or a girl or a fan of your teams or other petty shit to just hoping it comes out happy and healthy. This podcast gives a glimpse of what it’s like for a parent and a kid when things go south and how to

So give this week’s episode a listen on the last day of Cistic Fibrosis Awareness Month and check out Esiason.org to learn about CF as well as all the events, fundraisers, and scholarships that are out there in the fight against it. And you can click here if you would like to donate to the Esiason Fund. The Stoolies always always ALWAYS answer the call for a good cause, especially when they get to know some of the people that are behind the cause like they have with Gunnar, Boomer, and Sidney.