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Feitelberg Doesn't Like Donuts. What An Asshole.

I’ve been working with John for about 9 years now. We’ve been hosting together for like 5. And during that time hes said a lot of dumb things. He’s said a lot of appalling things. A lot of wrong things. But most shocking and most disgusting of all was when he came out of the closet as a Donut Hater. Something I didnt know even existed. I legit dont think I’ve ever heard of someone hating donuts. Maybe you’re not a donut enthusiast like me but you still would never turn down a fresh donut. From Entenmanns to Dunkin to Krispy Kreme and every other brand in between, donuts are one of the most universally loved foods ever. Donuts are like The Rock. Everyone likes them.

Except for this asshole Feitelberg. Feits has slapped my wife in the face before in a blackout and this donut take is STILL the most mad I’ve ever been.