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Summer Resolution - Don't Let Monday Ruin Your Sunday



For the Boys For The Summer over on KFC Radio. Every week we’re gonna be talking Summer Resolutions. Sorta like New Years Resolutions, except the dont suck. So much like last week we told you the first step is to make sure you get a sharehouse with some buddies. Its the first step towards making sure every weekend in the summer is awesome. The second step? Making sure you dont cut your weekend short. Dont worry about being hungover or tired on Monday. Monday is gonna fucking suck anyway. You dont have to ruin Sunday too because of it. Coming from a washed up guy looking back on it all, I wish I took the late train home every weekend from Manasquan. I wish I took the LIRR home on Monday morning straight to work. Milk that weekend as long aspossible because A) You’re gonna blink one day and it wont even be an options and B) Sunday’s are really the days that get the weirdest and the most fun. Dont let Monday ruin your Sunday. The Mantra for the summer.