KFC Radio Featuring Christian Yelich and Justin Bour

(Yelich Interview starts about 35 mins in)

My sworn enemy Christian Yelich and all those extra teeth in his mouth showed up to Barstool HQ late last week. He was too scared to come alone so he brought some muscle with him – Meathead Justin Bour. The MLB’s Timon and Pumbaa showed up lookin like the Skinny Guy and the Fat Guy from Nintendo’s Ice Hockey. They looked like Pete Davidson and that fat girl from SNL.

We covered it all. From our feud, to Yelich’s sex tape, to life as a big leaguer. Justin Bour talked about getting naked, eating cheesecake and playing video games:

We got serious for a bit and talked about the life and career of Jose Fernandez. And what its like to be a 25 year old single dude playing pro ball in Miami. Great interview from a couple of assholes. Don’t go saying “I hated them but after this interview I like them!” That means you dont have enough hate in your heart. You can enjoy the podcast but still hate these guys. Thats how the #HateHateHate lifestyle works.