Best Of Barstool Radio - Michael Rapaport, Peak Spider Monkey Nate & Superhero Matchups

KFC starts the week off with an amazing recap of his day with Frank ‘The Tank’ Flemming at the Mets Game. Rico Bosco calls to give his take on the ongoing Jhammy drama, and also pitches some ideas for new Bartool Merch. The Barstool Rec League Basketball Team continues to fight with each other which eventually leads to Dave firing Coach Nate live on the radio (PEAK Spider Monkey Nate).  Michael Rapaport joins the show and gives a classic Rapaport take on all the topics of the day. Caleb heads down to Philadelphia to attend the NFL Draft with his best friend (#2 Overall Pick) Mitchell Trubisky. Caleb describes the scene at the draft and all his experiences with the Chicago Bears’ newest QB. Dave sparks an argument about dog names and the guys go through the winners and losers of multiple superhero matchups.