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KFC Radio featuring Hank Azaria

Every now and then you come across a dude that makes you take a step back and say “I will never be 1/1000th as cool as this guy.” Thats Hank Azaria. The guy has been a major part of one of the most iconic TV shows of all time. Hes won 4 Emmys. He’s worth an INSANE amount of money. He played the SkooBAH guy with the huge dick in Along Came Polly:


And now hes Jim Brockmire, who is the funniest fucking character I’ve seen on television in a long long time:

Hank rolled through and gave us 45 minutes of his time despite being a goddam superstar and it was awesome. We talked Simpsons, Brockmire, New York sports, the landscape of present day TV vs old school TV, and more. One of the most interesting questions of the whole interview was about TV’s most low key racist character ever:

All in all, one of the best sit downs we’ve ever done. Subscribe, rate, review, and smash that follow button on the KFC Radio IG