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Mickstape - Kobe Bryant Remains A Sociopath + Simpsons 30th Anniversary Double Episode

April 19, 1987, The Simpsons first debuted on the Tracy Ullman Show and changed television forever. Naturally, The Ringer wrote up a Top 100 Episodes list and it stunk. Stunk real bad.

Tyler and myself, two sons of Springfield, couldn’t sit by and let this monstrosity represent an American Institution like this on the web, so we did an additional hour of podcasting to set the record straight on the true Top 5 while parsing through the list, riffing quotes and diving into the history of America’s favorite TV family.

Oh yeah, since this is technically a basketball show – we broke down the first weekend of the playoffs, the continued Knicks drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, La La, and Kristaps Porzingis. But not before roasting Kobe Bryant’s latest psychotic rant about studying sharks’ hunting patterns off the coast of South Africa in order to gain a competitive advantage over rookie Allen Iverson.

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