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Whats The Most Important Sporting Event You've Ever Missed?

Today on For The Boys we discussed what I like to call Life/Sports Balance. Like Work/Life, but with sports fandom

Obviously in a perfect world, you basically never have any plans or any responsibility. Thats my version of heaven. I go somewhere and my schedule is eternally empty. No plans to do anything, no obligations to go anywhere. Which allows me unlimited time to make sure every single night at 7:10 I’m there for first pitch. But thats not how life works. Life gets in the way of making sure we see every big moment of every big game. Work, and family. Social obligations. And most importantly, women. 99% of chicks out there cannot wrap their brains around how important it is for us to witness these big moments first hand. Because most chicks dont have anything in their lives that compare to sports for guys. It makes no sense, there’s no logical explanation, but being at the bar or in the stadium and soaking in a big home run or a touchdown will forever be the most important moments in our lives. They will be ingrained in our brains more so than our wedding or any other big personal moment. Girls can never understand that. They completely lack sports empathy.

And so, at some point, we all crack. We all give in and miss a game for a wedding or a graduation or a birthday or even just some random fucking date. Thats why today’s topic is a perfect For The Boys segment, because all guys have been there. All guys have had to grin and bear it while they sit at like a Communion party while everyone else they know pours beers on each other’s heads after a walk off HR.

Me? I missed Bartolo Colon’s Home Run at a wedding. I missed Robin Ventura’s Grand Single after we left in the 13th inning. I (luckily) missed Castillo’s dropped pop up on a date for a date. I’m pretty sure everything else I’ve made sure to see. Probably why my wife pretty much hates me.