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KFC Radio: Edibles Edition

My boy Josh Wolf came through Barstool HQ this week for another episode of KFC Radio. He ate a shit ton of edibles before hand so he did the episode stoned as fuck. Arguably the highest man in America. Sort of devolved into a Chappelle skit where it was a white people just talking about all the times we’ve been high. Made me feel like we should do an episode where everyone eats edibles and get some weed culture over at the Stool. Maybe we should even have like an Edibles Day. Everyone has to do it and we do all the content for the day – all blogs, podcasts, Rundown and Radio – high as shit. Get the whole day sponsored by a dispensary somewhere or something like that. Gold, Jerry, Gold!

Anyway Josh came through and did voicemails with us. We try to figure out how the Nuva Ring works, debate who’s DMs you’d most like to see, the rules of cheating, and which city is the worst to drive in. But the highlight of Josh’s appearance had to be the story he told about his first date with some chick in LA. We were rehashing stories about lying to girls and lying during dates. Discussing getting caught by women in weird situations. Well if you’ve ever felt bad or embarrassed for anything along those lines, listen to Josh’s tale. Will make you feel better about yourself. Because I promise you, nothing can be as awkward or as embarrassing as an 8 year old girl’s underwear falling out of your glovebox on to some girl’s lap during your first date.