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Everyone Is A Liar.

Today we discussed a situation when Kevin was dumped for lying. Years ago, he lied about where he lived to a girl because he still lived with his parents and that’s, you know, pretty embarrassing. Eventually he came clean and the girl dropped the most girl line ever, “If you lied about that then what else are you capable of.”


Ladies, ladies and gentlemen, actually, everyone lies. Being “capable” of lying does not mean you’re also capable of genocide, it means you’re capable of lying some more. I lie constantly. Not massive ones, but white ones. Ones that make the monotony of day to day life more exciting, because it’s boring as shit. Just because a guy lies about where he lives, because he’s embarrassed, does not mean he’s going to lie forever. Just because I lie about where I was last night when I was out with my friends, does not mean I want to cheat.

Reality is a lie and everyone just needs to accept that. “Liar” is not some pejorative term, it’s just a synonym for human. If you’re alive, you’re lying. As I said at any given moment I’ve got about ten lies running. I showered today, I’m not hungover, I’m not feeling good, I went to bed on time, I’m dieting, whatever. All bullshit but just stuff to talk about.

The problem lies in the fact that girls try to “catch” us in these half-truths. They’re addicted to snooping and have an innate desire to always be right. Why can’t you gals just leave well enough alone? If, for whatever reason, you like Young Kevin then don’t go all CIA and try and find out where he actually lives, just be happy. Ignorance is bliss and it’s like women will never understand that. Fall asleep around a girl and she’ll use your unconscious thumb to unlock your phone and snoop just because she’s fucking bored.

Why do that? Just turn your brain off and stare at the TV like everyone else who’s taking a quick break from lying. There’s no reason to know the truth about everything, it’s overrated as shit. Accept that about 35% of reality is based in truth then go happily about your day. That’s what men do and sure, we’re miserable, but at least it’s not annoying to hide lies from us.