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Should Oral Sex Count As A Part Of A Girl's "Number?"

Played a little Barstool Feud on today’s podcast and the survey question was “Name a girl’s favorite sexual position.” Feitelberg broached the topic of maybe saying “blow job.” Which led to a philosophical debate about whether or not that should be included as sex. Now there’s 2 ways you can look at it – 1) if the premise of one’s Number is to include your sexual history and activity, well then I certainly think that should include how many dicks have been in your mouth. As a matter of fact I think that should count even MORE. A chick giving head is way worse on a guy’s conscience than just laying there having a couple minutes of intercourse.

Or 2) Oral sex not being included in the body count is a loophole that keeps the world spinning. Would you rather have a girl say her Number is 10 and not really make any reference to the blow jobs? Or tell you her number is 20 because shes sucked off 10 dudes? I know what I want. Ignorance is bliss. Its like we’ve agreed upon some immunity where girls can suck a dick and, POOF, completely forget about it. This allows them to continue to go down on dudes with no repercussions. And allows dudes to somehow look the other way and not think about how many D’s she’s topped off. Its an ecosystem maintaining homeostasis.

So, while I think logically your Number should include any and all type of hole penetration, I think for the good of the world and the fate of humanity, we should keep it out.