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The Podfathers Discuss LaVar Ball And The Rest Of America's Next Great Hoops Family

There has been a lot of LaVar Ball talk on the blog and I’m sure we will have plenty in the future. But on The Podfathers we broke down just what it must be like to be a family member in the Ball household. Do the three sons enjoy their dad chirping at everyone under the sun or do they feel like Lonzo in this GIF?

As a father of a kid that hopped 93 times during her daycare’s Hopathon fundraiser, I clearly had many thoughts on LaVarr since I may have the next great athlete living under my roof.

We also debate if LaVar is the next Kris Jenner, how much it costs to raise kids these days, and if it’s acceptable for a woman to breastfeed another person’s baby.

Spoiler: The answer is obviously NO. NEVER BREASTFEED ANOTHER PERSONS BABY!