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Jessica Rabbit Is The Hottest Cartoon Character Ever. Period.

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Heated debate today on Podfathers. Who’s the hottest cartoon character of all time. Its a topic I’ve been preaching about since 2008. Chaps tried to run up in the game as a rookie talking about Jasmine as the hottest chick. He was babbling about Ariel. It was honestly offensive to my faculties. Clem said Belle was the hottest Disney Princess, which I suppose is an acceptable choice if we’re going to limit it to strictly Princesses.

But make no mistake about it my friends, in the world of cartoons, there has never been and will never be another Jessica Rabbit. She’s sexual napalm. Thats the X Factor there. She’s got huge huge tits, a tiny waist and a fat ass…but what puts it over the top is that she’s a sex bomb. Ariel is an annoying teenage girl. Jasmine is some stuck up Arab. Belle is a nerd. Lola Bonny unfortunately is not human.

Jessica Rabbit on the other hand is everything you want. Human, hot, knows how to work it, and is even willing to fuck a guy like Roger Rabbit. Gives us Personality Guys some hope. Plus Roger is a rabbit so you know Jessica is into some kinky shit.

Never forget her Wardrobe Malfunction: