New Jersey Devils Star Taylor Hall Joins Spittin' Chiclets For First Ever Facebook Live Podcast

First off, a huge thanks to both Taylor Hall and Liam McHugh who both schlepped into the city on their own dime and time to come on Spittin’ Chiclets. It was very much appreciated.

Things came together at the last minute so we were able to make our Facebook Live debut so big thanks all the listeners who watched online.

Hall was very open about his time in Edmonton, how the trade to NJ blindsided him, his adjustment to Tony Soprano-land, and much more (like who Ovie’s father has for a phone screen saver). New venue but same Chiclets.

Because McHugh was so generous with his time, we were able to record an entire episode with him and we’ll be dropping that one next week.

We want to send a huge shoutout to everyone at Barstool HQ. It’s a tremendous team of people busting their asses and they were all super nice to us this week. Daps to Young Pageviews and good luck to Tex in his big brawl next week.

And special thanks to the Zero Blog Thirty, Swipe Drunk Love, Pardon My Take, and Barstool Radio on Sirius teams for all the love this week, it was fucking blast.

And fans from other cities can get in on the fun now, too.