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KFC Radio Season 2 Episode 23 and 24 Recap

Tuesday – Mickstape Collaboration/Return of the Cubicle Chronicles:

I was away all this week so I didnt get a chance to discuss all the different things we talked about this week on KFC Radio. Tuesdays episode was something new making its KFC Radio debut, and something old making a triumphant KFC Radio return. First, the new: a collab with Coley Mick and Tyler from Mickstape.

We talked about my obsession with the Ball family, as well as my obsession with hating James Dolan. I finally got a chance to defend Madison Square Garden after all the slander that Portnoy and Coley had been throwing around, which led to all three of us talking about the real reason why NYC is called the Mecca of Basketball. Me, Trill and Coley all discussed Rucker Park and the non-professional basketball that goes on in this city, which then led to us reminiscing about the And 1 Era. Everything from the clothing to the mixtape videos. Overall a real good segment about all things basketball if you’re a fan of the sport and the culture around it.

The Return of Cubicle Chronicles

When we shifted things around with KFC Radio, a lot of people said they still wanted Mailtime discussions about life in the cubes. So we have officially resurrected Cubicle Chronicles and it begins by running it back to one of the first topics we ever covered – the Office Birthday – and one of the first emails we ever got – fat Cheryl getting key lime pie for her celebration. Its a Mailtime classic and a Barstool NY classic if you’re an OG. Fuck you, Cheryl. You fat diabetic bitch.

Thursday Voicemails – Fighting Elephants And Real Life “You Me And Dupree”

Thursday’s episode we dove right into the voicemails. No beating around the bush, right into the good stuff. We led off with a a great question that I think is very appropriate for most Stoolies and the life they are currently living:

Once you move in with a chick, can you still have a buddy crash at your place for the weekend?

No matter how cool your girl is, no matter how polite your friend is, no matter how well everyone gets along, bottom line is once you’re living with a chick (and certainly once you’re married) the weekends with your buddy on the couch are over. Its not that your wife isnt fun or that your buddy is a slob or anything, its just eventually that sort of thing comes to an end.

We also debate how far up the food chain you could survive if you were fighting with a baseball bat:

Fresh on the heels of Feitelberg saying he could kill Zac Efron with his bare hands, we got Asa Akira channeling her inner Big Cat saying she could kill an elephant with a baseball bat. Not since Dan said he could go punch for punch with Floyd Mayweather…not since he said he could disappear and survive forever if someone gave him just $10,000…not since he said he was smarter than Christopher Columbus…has there been a more outlandish KFC Radio answer. Asa says all she needs is a baseball bat and a platform and that elephant was dead meat.

And finally we discussed how to pick up a celebrity:

Ironically we recorded this well before any of the Francis nonsense went down, so we werent able to bring him in or reference that specific story, but everything still applies. And basically what it boils down to is “you have no shot at picking up a celebrity.”

A lot going on from this week’s shows. Plug in juice up!