KFC Radio x Mickstape Collaboration And The Return Of Cubicle Chronicles

Coley Mick and Trill Withers of the most recent smash success #1 iTunes sports podcast MicksTape come through to slander Madison Square Garden and our 2 banners. Im here for the Dolan slander, Im here for the Melo slander, but you cant tell me that “the Garden” is not Madison Square Garden.

The latest addition to the Barstool family, Trill Withers, Mr. @TylerIAm, explains what its like to have to speak for all black people in our cream cheese white office while Coley told a story about open palm slapping a kid in AAU basketball that is not to be missed. Straight white on white crime.

After that, Super Producer BC and I resurrect Cubicle Chronicle (because your life sucks) to talk about the worst moments of working in the cube. Having to buy your fat, bitch coworker key lime pie on her birthday is as bad at it gets. Submit other office horror stories to the Mailbox at kfcradio.com/mailbox.