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KFC Radio Celebrity Deathmatch

All time question today on KFC Radio…pick one celebrity to fight to the death. If you win, you become them and live their life. If you lose, obviously you’re dead. So you gotta choose wisely. I’d love to live The Rock’s life but I have a negative 5 million percent chance of beating him in a fight so you obviously don’t pick someone like that. But the flip side is that you don’t wanna choose someone who is so lame that they’re an easy victory, because then do you even really want to be that person? It’s almost like when you wanna go to the cool kids party but then it’s like, if you can get an invite there, is it even really that cool? If I can kill you with my bare hands you’re probably not that cool.

So that’s why I’m not going with the cool factor. I’m going with money and pussy and so Evan Speigal is my choice. The Snapchat billionaire engaged to Miranda Kerr. Beat up that nerdy Chosen and steal his billions and his girl.

With my luck Speigal is like a jujitsu black belt or something and I’ll just end up being the guy who got beat to death by the Snapchat nerd.