Kissing Your Dad Is Weird. Plain and Simple. - Podfathers

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This appears to be Tom Brady’s go to move. Lip kissing his dad. And when you have 5 Super Bowls, you can do that. Junior could french kiss Senior and I dont think anybody would really judge him.

But you’re not Tom Brady. You’re not junior, or senior. You’re just a normal dude. A regular ass dad. And as such, once your son is no longer a little kid, kissing him is weird as fuck. Theres nothing wrong with affection and love. This is not Hardo Dad talk. This is just facts. When Tom Crean kissed his college age son with his lips loosely pursed like he was on a first date, it was weird as fuck. When Brady kissed his dad, everyone went “wait, what the fuck?” Just recognize social normals and stick with a hug. Or a kiss on the cheek if you’re a guinea.

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