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Dad Genes: All Your Favorite Barstool Bloggers Ask Questions About Fatherhood

The Podfathers are the three dudes at Barstool that were idiotic enough to procreate. And the reality is that we dont know what the fuck we’re doing or what we’re talking about. We’re doing trial by fire and learning about how this all works as we go along.

So our new segment on Podfathers incorporates all the other guys in the office…all the guys me, Clem, and Chaps used to be. We rounded up all the other bloggers to ask their number 1 question about parenthood. The one question or fear they have about becoming a Dad. Big Cat wanted to know if you become a pussy. Keith wanted to know how much it sucks to spend all your money on your kid. Your boy Nate wanted to know how he can be expected to take a break from his busy social life to raise a kid. Everyone chimed in and we answered. Tune in and find out which of your favorite bloggers has Dad Genes.

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Also on today’s ep – would you rather your kid be good at sports and hate you OR be a dweeb but love you AKA the Aaron Rodgers Effect. Would you rather your daughter be slutty on TV OR be totally dependent upon you as an adult AKA The Corinne From The Bachelor Effect. And Chaps introduces Sneak Out Sundays.