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Describe How Old You Are Without Saying Your Age - KFC Radio

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This tweet went viral a couple days ago and had people from all different generations were chiming in with their memories from growing up. Certain stories, occurrences, descriptions…whatever…that only people from you generation would understand. Pop culture references, certain ways of life, things that were unique and specific to your era that the younger or older generation would never understand.

So me an Super Producer BC had a little Mailtime reunion for KFC Radio today to discuss this topic. My favorite description of people from my era is calling Collect and saying “Mom come pick me up” when they asked you to state your name. Thats something everyone my age did at night when they needed to get picked up after basketball practice or when the movie got out. If you said that to Glenny or Ria, they wouldnt understand 1% of it. They wouldnt get how payphones work, they wouldnt know what a Collect Call is. Fuck, they probably dont even know what it means to need to get picked up. They’ve probably been Uber’ing their entire life. From And1 and No Fear, to the XFL and Backyard Bum Fights, to scrambled porn channels, its all the stuff that defines the era most of us grew up in.

PS – I’m also moving into a house and going to Home Goods is officially my least favorite thing in the world